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RFQ for 2 Magnetoquers. The mass should be within a kg for each and the minimum torque outputs expected in the range of 0.2 Am2.



Transceiver VHF

RFQ for a VHF system that may be used for a short duration GEO mission, and interested in transceivers with transmit power on the order of 5W or higher. This would be for delivery Mid or late next year.



RFQ for thrusters

RFQ for thrusters

  • Delta v: min. 20000 m/s 
  • Total impulse: min. 20000 N-s
  • Thrust: min. 2 mN
  • Thruster form factor (including PPU and control unit): Max. 6U



L6-compliant GNSS antenna

Lead time and ICD for L6-compliant GNSS antenna for spacecraft



High Resolution Camera

RFQ for Camera

- less than 50cm resolution at 500km orbit or equivalent

- mass: less than 120kg

- envelope: about dia. 1m x height 1m

- life: >5 years in GEO equivalent radiation environment (>7 years of life is desirable)




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