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RFP for 6U/12U Solar Array

A qualified buyer from a well-funded organisation is looking for a 3 x 2U solar array with a maximum current of 4.2A and an MPPT frequency of 400Hz. 

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RFP for thrusters

A qualified buyer would like recommendations of thrusters with various propulsion types that can fullfil the mission requirements outlined below.

Propulsion types:

  • Electrospray
  • Cold gas
  • Vacuum Arc Thrusters
  • Solid Rocket Motors

Mission requirements:

  • Satellite = 44kg
  • Thrust = 1mN
  • Total impulse = 500Ns
  • Power = 50W
  • Voltage < 1000V

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Ground stations in the Near Equatorial belt

A qualified buyer is searching for partner ground stations in the Near Equatorial belt with the following specifications and conditions:

  • The ground station would require S-band and X-band connectivity.
  • There is an immediate priority for ground stations in Africa.
  • The buyer is also open to collaboration in South America.
  • The buyer has a 5.5m antenna with S-band and X-band connectivity that they can allow the partner ground station to access.

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RFP for fill and drain valves

A well-qualified and well-funded buyer is looking to procure fill and drain valves with the below mentioned details.

The specifications for the metal-to-metal fill and drain valve for our cube satellite propulsion system are as follows:

Weight: < 10-20 g
Pressure Ranges: 35-40 bar, 100-150 bar
Temperature: 150°C
Flow/Pressure Drop: < 1 bar
Outlet Stub Tube Size: 1/8"
Outlet Stub Tube Material: TIAL 64V/ Inconel
Inlet Configuration: Inlet welded mounts
Fluid: Nitrous oxide, Propane



RFQ for high-gain X-band microstrip patch array

A qualified buyer is looking for a High-Gain X-Band Microstrip Patch Array:

  • having space heritage
  • RF power 10 W CW possible
  • process 400 MHz bandwidth
  • a square antenna with a 20 dBi gain 
  • want to get the uniform HPBW on each axis

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