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Benefits of the Satsearch Membership Program

Benefits of the Satsearch Membership Program

The Satsearch Membership Program offers a number of unique benefits to space companies. Here's how we can help grow your business exponentially.

RFI/RFP management

Space industry professionals search for new suppliers every day on satsearch. Interested buyers use our platform to submit their requirements.

As a satsearch member we'll qualify all leads and deliver business opportunities to your doorstep.

Priority visibility on our global platform

We have built the first global marketplace for space and the companies featured on the platform are being found by potential customers every day.

As a satsearch member your products and services will have pride of place on the site, being easily identified with a logo explaining that we have verified your business.

Our support to promote your company

We will also help promote your business to the global marketplace.

We'll spread the word across our blog, social media accounts and email newsletter to our growing community of space industry professionals.

Your data integrated into the satsearch API

Your product data will be incorporated into the satsearch API, which is used by experts from some of the biggest space agencies and businesses in the world.

This will also enable information on your products to be integrated into a growing number of external systems design software packages.