The AAC Clyde Space GD200 Gigabit Detector is a compact detector that converts digital laser signals in optical ground stations.

It features plug-and-play electrical interfaces with simple mounting options and was developed together with experienced Dutch research institute TNO.

If required, an integrated Modem & Detector Solution is available to simplify integration. In addition, AAC Hyperion is working with known Optical Modem suppliers to ensure compatibility with the laser communication supply chain.

Key features

  • High-speed optical-to-digital conversion
  • RS422/RS485, UART, and USB-C command & telemetry interfaces
  • An optical sensitivity (BER 10-6) of -37.5dBm
  • Typical data rate of 1 Gbps (max 1.25 Gbps), with solutions offering 10 Gbps currently in development

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Last updated: 2023-10-19

GD200 Gigabit Detector



133 g (excluding optional adapter board)
283 g (including optional adapter board)
59.5 mm
72.1 mm
24.2 mm
supply voltage
4.5 to 5.5 V (5 V typ.)
supply current
70 - 500 mA (100 mA typ.)
data rate1
0.1 to 1.25 Gb/s

1. 10 Gbps model currently under development.


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