The AAC Clyde Space PULSAR-UTRX UHF/UHF Transceiver is a telemetry and command radio for nanosatellite missions compliant with CubeSat standard.

The system has a CubeSat kit PC/104 form factor and operates both uplink and downlink in the UHF range serving both commercial and amateur frequencies. The compact system features a beacon and a DTMF backdoor to increase their reliability in flight.

For transmit and receive, the system offers a configurable combination of AFSK and GMSK modes that are selected as an I2C command. If a reset occurs, the default mode will be selected which can be requested at time of production.


CubeSat, nanosatellite missions.

Key features

  • UHF uplink, UHF downlink
  • Compatible with the CubeSat standard with a CubeSat kit PC/104 formfactor
  • Robust lower data-rate back-up radio for a higher data-rate radio
  • Implements AX.25 protocol encoding/decoding with transparent mode with optional convolutional encoder
  • With DTMF backdoor
  • Inactivity beacon
  • low-power Flash-based FPGA
  • Transparent mode with optional convolutional encoder
  • Serving both commercial and amateur frequencies
  • Half-duplex
  • Simple digital interface
  • I2C interface for Command, Telemetry and user Data

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Last updated: 2023-10-19




< 100 g
96 mm
90 mm
16.51 mm
data rate
9600 bps (GMSK)
1200 bps (AFSK)
communication protocol
transmit power
27 to 33 dBm (adjustable in 3 dB steps)
data interface
operating temperature
-25 to 60 C

1. Height from top of enclosure to lowest component on bottom


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