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The flexible power designs from ÅAC Microtec can be tuned into very capable Electrical Power Subsystems (EPSs) to support new mission requirements. An EPS consists of a Power Control Distribution Unit (PCDU), batteries and solar arrays. The modular power architecture of the ÅAC PCDU facilitates adaptations and reduces lead-times and costs for customized systems. ÅAC Microtec has established collaborations with several leading suppliers of solar arrays and batteries and can use their latest technology developments to tailor your EPS to meet challenging requirements. This also adds end-user flexibility regarding preferred sub-suppliers. Amongst our heritage is the PCDU design for the Swedish state-of-the-art microsatellite bus InnoSat. The InnoSat power system is designed for small satellites up to 100 kg with mission life-times up to 5 years in LEO. ÅAC Microtec also has designed and qualified the SPARC PCDU, which is a small and versatile PCDU for the CubeSat market. The unit is designed for a 6U CubeSat, but supports other sizes of spacecraft.


length95.89 mm
width90.17 mm
height27.84 mm
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Last updated: 2017-11-12