The Airbus DS NL Platform and Payload Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) is a simulation tool for the development and verification of payloads and the satellites before launch.

The closed loop, turn-key test system is designed to achieve high data rates and is typically used to simulate the space environment to account for different operational interfaces, data processing procurements, and/or missing or late equipment.

Based on an in-house simulation infrastructure (EuroSim), the overall Special Check-Out Equipment (SCOE) integrates all of the simulation functions. EGSE also offers customers a simulation infrastructure interface through the Simulator Front-End (SimFE).

The requirement of ECSS, and a number of GDIRs for ESA and NASA programs, are met by the ESPRiT EGSE solutions.

The required interfaces for generating the test solution can be selected using the catalogue and the discrete interface building blocks act as intelligent interface nodes to connect with rest of the test system, using real-time Ethernet unlike the VME or PCI bus-oriented solutions. This enables the ability to maintain refresh rates of more the 1000 HZ for all interface parameters in parallel and real-time performance, for improved scalability.

In order to execute project-specific functional or timing behaviour in each node, the discrete nodes include FPGA functions based on state-of-the-art SOC technology.

Configurable router boards (PCBs) are used for redistribution to the desired signal combination towards the product, instead of cables. These PCBs include space reserved for the protective components of the flight hardware that can be modified to actual flight values for overvoltage tolerance. Flexibility in the incremental definition of the external interfaces is increased with the usage of PCBs.

Key features

Software building blocks

  • EGSE controller and operator GUI
  • CCS interface functions
  • Communication protocol layers
  • Simulator infrastructure
  • Environment and equipment simulation models
  • Science data processing and archives

Hardware building blocks

  • High speed data interfaces (such as SpaceWire)
  • Discrete signal interfaces (ECCS types)
  • Electrical power interfaces (LCL, FCL)
  • Communication interfaces (MIL1553, CAN, Baseband)


Custom development of models and systems is possible.

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Last updated: 2021-09-22

Platform and Payload Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE)



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