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Cryo upper stage of GSLV uses Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Hydrogen as propellant that are stored at - 183°C and – 253°C respectively. These are to be pumped from the respective tanks using individual booster pumps to the main turbo pumps that runs at a critical rotational speed. As the speed of the turbine is a very critical parameter, it is to be monitored continuously. A speed sensor is used for this purpose.

The speed sensor is designed for contact free measurement of the speed (rpm) of the turbo booster pumps in the engine unit. The design employs the principle of electromagnetic induction to generate EMF in the copper coils which is used to measure the speed of the booster pump (rpm). The design incorporates a permalloy core with copper coils wounded over a teflon bobbin. A PCB is used to take the electrical outputs. Suitable potting compound is used for electrical insulation. The entire assembly is enclosed in housing (Z2CN18-10).



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