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MEMS Absolute Pressure Transducer 2 in 1


Aerodynamic characterization of the wing body vehicle flying at different speeds from subsonic to hypersonic and at different alpha levels from 0° to 40° is one of the objectives of RLV-TD (hex) mission. In order to evaluate the aerodynamic parameters from the flight 73 pressure ports have been identi ed. The pressures are expected to vary from wide range of 10 Pascal to 1.0x105 Pascal. To cover this wide range with reasonable accuracy, two sensors mounted with one body with full scale of 0-0.5x105 Pa and 0-1.0x105 Pa in 2-in-1 con guration is realised. Succesfully flown in RLV-TD (Re-usable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstrator).



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Last updated: 2018-07-13