Accurate loading of LOX & LH2 in cryogenic tanks assumes prime importance since it is the terminal stage in the launch vehicle. Exact quantity of propellants should be loaded at the specified mean mass temperature (MMT) to meet the mission demands. Towards this LPSC Bangalore has developed and qualified Triple Redundant Level Sensor for LOX & LH2 tanks. Typically, capacitance type level sensor with 700mm span is chosen for LH2 tank and 400mm span is chosen for LOX tank. The working principle of level measurement using capacitance type sensor is based on the change in capacitance of two conductive tubes separated by a uniform gap that is increased by insertion of dielectric material within the gap. In other words, the level of the liquid is determined by the change in capacitance between two conductive electrodes due to the presence of liquid having a de ned dielectric constant. TRLS consists of three sets of AA 2219 tubes which work on the basis of capacitance principle. This change in capacitance value is detected by a dedicated lling algorithm and converted to filling level. The functioning of TRLS has been successfully demonstrated in the GSLV D5, D6, F05, F09, Mk3 X and D1 missions.



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