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The Arralis KKa-LNA-1929-EVAL is a Ka band MMIC Evaluation Board designed to test KKa-LNA-1929 Low Noise Amplifier.

It has an integrated terminal block for easy bias connection and consists of self-biased configuration.

The board has an additional 50Ω line to help with calibration to the MMIC die. It is available as a fully-assembled product as well as in the self-assembly form.

Key features

  • SMK connectors
  • 50 ohm matching at RF output ports
  • Calibration line for gain calibration to die
  • 15dB Gain (connector to connector)
  • 42mm x 45mm size
  • Integrated terminal block for easy bias connection
  • Self-Biased Configuration

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Last updated: 2023-02-01

KKa-LNA-1929-EVAL Ka band MMIC Evaluation Board



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