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The Arralis W-x8RX-9296 W band Receiver Module is mainly designed for satellite communications systems with higher throughput.

It consists of Arralis monolithic millimeter-wave P-HEMT integrated circuits and patented technology allowing large scale integration.

The receiver is a fully integrated standalone millimeter-wave module, specifically designed for both radar and communication systems. The module's output is a variable wideband IF signal between 2 and 6 GHz with a fixed LO of 11.25 GHz.

Its standard noise figure is 3.2 dB and has 20 dB of image rejection. While the receiver has 15 dB of Gain down to an RF input of -130 dBm.


  • High resolution radar suitable for use in poor atmospheric conditions
  • Highly accurate muzzle velocity testing and missile guidance systems
  • Commonly used in radar on UAVs, aircraft, marine ships and rotorcraft
  • Foreign object debris detection on runways
  • Use in security check systems, high penetration of materials such as clothing
  • Satellite communications systems that offer high data rate throughput

Key features

  • Integrated self contained module
  • 92-96GHz frequency range
  • High output power
  • Wideband operation
  • Lightweight construction
  • More detailed information of the target with a higher spatial resolution
  • High penetration to certain materials such as paper, clothes, fog, smoke, clouds, etc

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Last updated: 2022-11-16

W-x8RX-9296 W band Receiver Module



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