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The Ball Aerospace Commerical Lasercom is a free-space optical communication system family of terminals for GEO, LEO and airborne applications.

Ball Aerospace offers laser communication hardware solutions designed to support applications with higher bandwidth requirements similar to the optical fiber system on ground.

Ball Aerospace GEO terminal includes a telescope and an optical bench located on a gimbal to provide large elevation and azimuth field of regard. The system by design also provide an optimal performance at the required aperture size.

Ball Aerospace LEO terminal has an optical head with a gimbaled flat mirror feeding a fixed optical bench and telescope. The system is designed for higher data-rate LEO or shorter range GEO user applications.

Ball Aerospace Airborne terminal is designed for high-bandwidth optical communication between aircraft and aircraft to a satellite including relay to GEO satellites. Risley prism developed by Ball Aerospace is used for pointing and tracking in this terminal. The product line of solution is suitable for defence, NASA and commercial applications. Ball Aerospace is the preferred provider of laser-based optical communication solutions for US governmental agencies and major prime contractors.

 Supporting technologies such as acquisition and tracking systems, precision pointing, high-bandwidth optical communications terminals and high-power optical amplifiers are also developed by Ball Aerospace.


Suitable for GEostationary Orbit(GEO), Low Earth Orbit(LEO) and airborne communication link applications.

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Last updated: 2022-04-02



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