Microwave Electro-thermal Thruster


Bellatrix Aerospace has developed and patented Microwave Electro-thermal Thrusters (MET), an advanced type of electric propulsion for satellites. This is an efficient electric propulsion system and has an unique distinction of being able to efficiently work on several propellants such as Argon, Xenon, Nitrogen, Ammonia and Water Vapour. MET is an electrode less (zero erosion), vortex stabilized thruster where microwaves are used to heat the propellant and produce a high temperature exhaust for in-space propulsion.

METs offer the following advantages over other types of propulsion units.

  • It offers 10 times more specific impulse than chemical thrusters
  • It offers multiple restart capability
  • A satellite weighing 6 tons with the use of chemical thrusters would weigh 4 tons when MET system is adopted for the same satellite.
  • Satellites which use MET offer more space for useful payload instead of wasteful propellant
  • It is safe (no static charge buildup and no interference) and highly reliable.
  • It is designed to increase the orbital life span of satellites by 5 years. Reduction in volume adds to reduced mission cost.


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Last updated: 2019-07-09