The NanoSat Air Bearing developed by Berlin Space Technologies is a test platform dedicated to testing the ADCS of nanosatellites. It is designed to have a very low moment of inertia which allows measurements with errors of less than 10% even for 1U Cubesats.

The NanoSat Air Bearing is suitable for 1-3U Cubesats. Its modular design allows the integration of Helmholtz coils and a sun simulator. The first NanoSat Air Bearing has been built and successfully used for the implementation of the iADCS attitude control system of the Aalto-1 satellite.

The Nano Satellite Airbearing (1st generation) is no longer under production. Please have a look at the successor the NanoSat Air Bearing 2nd gen.

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Last updated: 2022-08-01

NanoSat Air Bearing 1st Generation




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