The RWA-05 by Berlin Space Technologies is a reaction wheel assembly with integrated fibre optical Gyro (RWA) for small satellites. The integrated gyro allows precise control loops such as precise speed, angular rate and angle control loops as they have been pioneered on Berlin satellites since 1994.


lifetime5 yr
angular momentum storage0.5 N m s
operating temperaturemin: -20 C, max: 40 C
survival temperaturemin: -30 C, max: 50 C
radiation tolerance> 30 krad
mass< 1.7 kg
length105 mm
width106.56 mm
height109.5 mm
voltage dcmin: 15 V, max: 25 V
current90 mA
angular speed5000 rpm
torque20 mN m
angular speed control accuracy2 rpm
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