The Bradford Space Propulsion Remote Terminal Unit (PRTU) is designed for LEO and deep space applications. It is designed to operate for a TID up to 30 kRad under a proton-heavy environment.

The PRTU can also be combined in a single unit with other subsystems from Bradford Space as part of the Deep Space Avionics Stack (see SuperNova PCDU). It is a plug and play unit compatible with a set of ECAPS HPGP thrusters:

Key features

  • Best-in-class thruster count to weight ratio, optimized for high delta-v missions
  • Modular design for optimal mission-specific performance (output/drive count)
  • Unique interface towards valve drivers, valve heaters & thermistors, reactor heaters & thermocouples as well as upstream latch valve and pressure transducer
  • High reliability and single failure tolerant architecture
  • Ensured compatibility with 1N, 5N and 22N ECAPS HPGP thruster products
  • Extensive internal and external housekeeping


  • Thruster driver output count
  • Latch valve and pressure transducer count

Testing & qualification

  • Vibration/shock: qualified to NASA GEVS levels
  • EMC: qualified to MIL-STD-461
  • Derating rules: ECSS
  • PCB(A) assembly: IPC class 3

Export control

The product is ITAR Free.

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Last updated: 2022-08-13

Propulsion Remote Terminal Unit (PRTU)




< 0.3 kg (baseline)
20 mm (baseline)
135 mm
120 mm
bus voltage
22 to 34 V (unregulated)
data interface
radiation tolerance
30 krad (qualified to 35 krad)
operating temperature
-30 to 60 C
storage temperature
-40 to 70 C
> 5 years in LEO


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