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TTC-250 S-Band Transceiver Suite

Supplier: AgilSpace

C-Band Waveguide Limiter MALI-007213-000000

Supplier: API Technologies

Passive S-Band Non-Reflective Drop-in Limiter MALI-010303-000000

Supplier: API Technologies

S-Band ‘Drop-in’ Limiter Module

Supplier: API Technologies

CPUT S-Band CubeSat Transmitter

Supplier: Clyde Space Ltd.

S-BAND Transceiver DSTRX-1

S-Band Transmitter

Supplier: EnduroSat

Space Qualified Multi-Mode Standard Transponder (MST)

Supplier: General Dynamics

Space Qualified SGLS TT&C Transponder

Supplier: General Dynamics

S-Band Transceiver

Supplier: IMT srl