10Whr CubeSat Battery


The Clyde Space 3rd Generation Battery uses the latest version of our proven lithium polymer cells, building on our ten-year product heritage and reputation within the industry for power supply.They provide high energy densities alongside a robust protection architecture and a launch inhibits configuration over and above the manned flight requirements for Nanoracks launches as standard. The Standalone 10Wh Battery consists of two lithium polymer pouch cells in a 2s1p arrangement with a typical capacity of 1300mAhr at a nominal 7.6V (full battery operational voltage range from 6.0 - 8.4V). To comply with manned flight launch requirements, the 10Whr battery features multiple high-side and low-side solid-state inhibits as well as voltage, current and temperature telemetries to monitor battery operation.


battery capacity1300 mAh
battery pack voltagemin: 6.0 V, max: 8.4 V
battery pack power10 Wh
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Last updated: 2018-04-07