The UHF/UHF transceiver is a compact telemetry and command radio designed for CubeSat missions. It is compatible with the CubeSat standard, with a CubeSat Kit PC/104 form factor. The UHF/UHF transceiver implements half-duplex GMSK and AFSK modulation schemes with data rates of 9600 and 1200 baud respectively. The UHF/UHF transceiver is ideal for missions where a low data-rate downlink / uplink is required. The UHF/UHF transceiver can also be used as a robust lower data-rate back-up radio for a higher data-rate radio. The AX.25 protocol scheme implemented is popular among amateur radio enthusiasts.


baud rate9600 bps
dynamic rangemin: -120 dBm, max: -70 dBm
spurious response< -65 dBc
spurious response< -65 dBc
frequencymin: 420 MHz, max: 450 MHz
frequencymin: 420 MHz, max: 450 MHz
channel spacing25 kHz
channel spacing25 kHz
sensitivity-120 dBm
transmit powermin: 27 dBm, max: 33 dBm
noise figure< 1.5 dB
frequency stabilitymin: -50 ppm, max: 50 ppm
frequency stabilitymin: -50 ppm, max: 50 ppm
power< 250 mW
powermin: 4 W, max: 10 W



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Last updated: 2018-04-24