The CSHARK KOUBE is an opitcal payload suitable for IoT and Earth Observation applications with flight heritage. The payload is designed for picosat or bigger in size.

KOUBE can create a link using the LoRa protocol with devices/sensors/nodes on ground. The system can be used as a Gateway for an IoT network.

The payload can be integrated through an UFL connector with antennas operating in the sub-gigahertz at frequency bands specific for LoRa protocol according to the region.

KOUBE can be linked and controlled by the satellite OBC, both for the control and management of the LoRa packages and for the Camera commands and packages handling.

Together with KOUBE, it is included and integrated a patch antenna for the uplink from ground devices in LoRa protocol.

This antenna can be either 868MHz or 915MHz, therefore it can be exploited in the different areas of the world.

The antenna has a gain of 5dBi (peak), efficiency of 62% and fits perfectly in the 1-p ppicosat standard with dimension of 47.5x47.5x6, 5mm.

Key features

  • MCU: SAMA5D27 reworked to fit KOUBE dimensions
  • Radio Module: SX1302 for the modulation/demodulation of LoRa packages coming from Earth devices
  • Camera: Arducam OV5642
  • Optics: Up to 12 MegaPixels, 1.85µm Pixel Size Sensors, Instrumentation UCi
  • Mechanical Shields: 4 Ad Hoc mechanical shields in Al7075
  • Connector: UFL connector for antenna integration

Flight heritage

The system has achieved flight heritage. It is launched as part of the Transporter-3 mission on the 13th of January 2022.

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Last updated: 2022-04-14




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