CubeWheel is a satellite reaction wheel that comes in small, small+, medium and large sizes. It allows you to control the attitude of your satellite.

It includes a highly balanced flywheel disc, a brushless electrical motor, an electronic driver and a microcontroller circuit. The wheels can be given a speed reference command through I2C, UART or CAN, and they integrate easily with any ADCS.


  • Each wheel is mountable on its small or large face, which enables the option to mount the wheel in all axes of your satellite
  • The wheels can operate at a wide range of voltages between 6.5V and 16V
  • Comes with all driving and interfacing electronics integrated into a complete package
  • Wheel size influences the maximum slew rates the satellite can handle, the total momentum the wheels can store, and even the size of the vibrations and torque ripple on the satellite
  • There are four sizes available specifically scaled to meet the typical small satellite ADCS needs from 2-unit CubeSat to satellite up to 25kg
  • Designed to be as modular as possible with shared electronics designs between all sizes of wheels
  • Each reaction wheel is individually balanced to reduce vibration
  • All wheels provide a mounting interface that is durable and reliable under vibration
  • The wheels are fitted with a solid 14-pin screw-down connector to ensure a reliable electrical connection under mechanical stress

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Last updated: 2022-05-27

CubeWheel Medium

6,850 USD per wheel
19,730 USD for 3 wheels


  • CAD model(76.57 KB)
  • Datasheet(1.72 MB)
  • ICD(1.11 MB)
  • Option sheet
  • User manual(1.38 MB)


lead time
12 to 14 wk
150 g
maximum torque
1 mN m
maximum power
2.3 W
46 mm
46 mm
31.5 mm
operating temperature
-10 to 60 C
mechanical vibration
8.9 Grms
radiation tolerance
24.0 krad
190.0 mW
angular momentum storage
10.82 mN m s
angular speed
6000 to 6000 rpm
dynamic imbalance
< 0.014 g cm
static imbalance
< 0.004 g cm


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