The CubeSpace CubeADCS is a complete turn-key nanosatellite attitude determination and control solution for users aiming to rapidly develop satellites using flight-proven components. These systems combine a robust, radiation-tolerant flight computer, flight-proven ADCS algorithms and FDIR mechanisms, and other wide range of sensors and actuators.

For CubeSats requiring high-accuracy inertial pointing, CubeSpace offers a 3-Axis variant of its CubeADCS. CubeADCS 3-Axis uses three reaction wheels, one in each principal axis of the satellite, to do full 3-axis pointing and tracking. A variety of CubeSpace sensors can be integrated with the system depending on the nominal mission control modes and on the pointing accuracy required.

The system includes features such as TLM logging, sensor and actuator power control and FDIR, communication bus monitoring, SGP4 orbit propagation, as well as estimator and control algorithms for virtually all ADCS control modes. On top of the control modes available on the Y-Momentum CubeADCS, this 3-Axis adds the capability to perform a 3-axis pointing in any direction.

Key features

  • A standard CubeADCS will includes:
    - CubeADCS Computer: with 3-axis MEMS rate sensor
    - CubeControl: Sensor and actuator interface board + 3-axis gyro
    - 3x CubeWheel Small: Mounted on the XYZ-Axis
    - *2x CW0003 + 1x CubeCoil
    - CubeSense: Fine Sun or Earth Sensors
    - *1x Deployable CubeMag: 3-Axis magnetometer
    - 10x Coarse Sun Sensors
  • Options:
    - *CubeMag Compact: Non-deployable
    - CubeStar: Star Tracker
    - Additional CubeSense: Earth or Fine Sun sensor
    - Upgrade to CubeWheel Small+
    - Upgrade to CubeWheel Medium: Not mountable on CubeControl
    - Upgrade to CubeWheel Large: Not mountable on CubeControl
  • The representative CAD model available for download is based on the standard version of the 3-axis ADCS, including the CubeWheel Small. The standard version is suitable for 2U and 3U spacecraft and options and upgrades for satellites up to 12U are also available. Final pricing will be mission dependant.

*Will use components from the Gen 2 Product Line

Flight heritage

The GEN1: CubeADCS 3-Axis has achieved flight heritage since 2014.

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Last updated: 2024-03-13

Gen1: CubeADCS

42,750 USD - 25,510 USD



  • CAD model(55.35 MB)
  • Datasheet(2.52 MB)
  • ICD(4.14 MB)
  • Option sheet(2.27 MB)
  • User manual(5.11 MB)


lead time
16 wk


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