The CubeSpace CubeStar is a miniature, low-power, medium-accuracy star tracker designed for CubeSat and small satellites. Its low power is achieved by lowering the update rate to 1 Hz, using a wide field-of-view lens, and designing power-efficient electronics. CubeStar outputs inertially referenced attitude quaternions or matched vector pairs for use in an external ADCS application.

Key features

  • Low power – less than 142Mw average power
  • Wide FOV lens – 99% sky coverage
  • Low mass – less than 60g
  • Simple design with 4 mounting holes

Flight heritage

The GEN1: CubeStar has achieved flight heritage since 2014.

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Last updated: 2023-07-05

GEN1: CubeStar

15,390 USD



  • CAD model(54.25 MB)
  • Datasheet(2.28 MB)
  • ICD(1.47 MB)
  • Option sheet
  • User manual(1.68 MB)


lead time
16 wk
55 g
50 mm
35 mm
55 mm
operating temperature
-10 to 60 C
mechanical vibration
14 Grms
3.3 V
average power
142 mW
peak power
264 mW
pointing accuracy
0.02 deg (3-sigma, across boresight)
field of view
42 deg


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