The CubeSpace CubeCoil is designed for satellite applications. CubeCoil can be used for detumbling, coarse attitude changes, and desaturation of reaction wheels. It is a low-profile, flat-air coil and is intended to fit within a PC104 stack between PCBs. The product is available in ‘n single or double-wound versions that are suitable for 3U and 6U CubeSats respectively.

The compact feature of CubeCoil blends with the way the standard CubeSat boards are stacked which often becomes difficult to have three rods form a 3-Axis system. CubeSpace offers a low-profile air-core coil that slots into the stack between the CubeSat PCBs creating a very compact 3-Axis magnetic control system with the integration of CubeTorquers.

Flight heritage

The GEN1: CubeCoil has achieved flight heritage since 2014.

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Last updated: 2023-07-13

GEN1: CubeTorquer Coil

790 USD single coil
1,070 USD double coil



  • CAD model(195.67 KB)
  • Datasheet(2.28 MB)
  • ICD(507.75 KB)
  • Option sheet
  • User manual


lead time
8 wk
46 g
90 mm
96 mm
8 mm
magnetic moment
±0.13 A m^2
mechanical vibration
14 Grms
electrical resistance
79 to 81 Ω
magnetic gain
2.1 A m^2 A^-1
max continuous current
150 mA


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