Cloud computing is one of the main enablers of today’s space missions. The allocation of computing and storage resources in a scalable, flexible and location-independent manner on ground has allowed satellite operators to quickly deploy their mission control systems and provide an easy interface to payload end-users.

However, cloud computing comes with security threats, mainly due to the lack of control over sensitive data like cryptographic secrets and critical applications, typically the mission control software (MCS). In particular, the most popular tools used by the smallsat ecosystem to build applications like Docker or Kubernetes are vulnerable to cyber attacks at both software and hardware levels.

CYSEC ARCA is a trusted execution environment (TEE) for sensitive workloads using Docker or Kubernetes.

CYSEC ARCA not only safeguards secrets like cryptographic keys used for encrypting or authenticating the satellite communications, but also protects the entire software stack – from the application layer, to the kernel, to the bare metal, providing a confidential computing environment and 360° security.

CYSEC ARCA can be deployed either on premises on a physical 1U server, in the CYSEC private cloud located in a Tier IV datacenter in Switzerland, or in the public cloud (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS).

Deploying sensitive workloads in CYSEC ARCA via the ARCA API is simple and accessible to any software developer without experience in cryptography or security.

CYSEC ARCA is the on ground component of ARCA Space, the end-to-end security offering of CYSEC, also including ARCA Embedded, a secure On-Board Computer.

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Last updated: 2021-04-13

ARCA: secure mission control



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