OBC Core is an affordable onboard computer for general application on mini and micro satellites. Built with rugged automotive-grade components, OBC core features a double or even quadruple redundant architecture, making it a reliable alternative to more expensive radiation-hardened hardware.

The board comes with a software bundle that includes a real time operating system and tools to manage the board configuration, transfer data and software applications, and collect and transmit telemetry. A Python onboard control procedure engine enables satellite operators to upload scripts that increase the operational autonomy of the satellite.

The board can support up to four cores that can be configured to work as independent onboard computers for load balancing or combined into redundant units for reliability (the precise configuration can be selected on placing a purchase order).

Each core features:

  • AVR32 Microcontroller 1Gbit SPI flash memory 4Mbit FRAM
  • 256Mbit SDRAM
  • 2x CAN (1Mbps) interfaces, CSP enabled 2x RS-422 interfaces
  • Several 12-bit ADC and GPIOs lines
  • 4 x 4 GB configurable eMMC non-volatile memory

The software bundle includes:

  • a FreeRTOS operating system
  • a Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • a parameters manager (optional)
  • a file transfer manager (optional)
  • a telecommands (including time-tagged) manager (optional)
  • a telemetry manager (optional)
  • an on-board control procedure engine (optional)

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Last updated: 2020-10-28

OBC Core



25 mm
operating temperature
-30 — 70 C
150 g
150 mm
110 mm

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