The Comet-1 line of thrusters are simple, launch-safe, and cost-effective electrothermal propulsion systems that use water as a propellant. Comet-1 thrusters are the ideal balance of cost and performance, occupying a place in the market between low- cost, low-performance cold gas and resistojets, and high-cost, high-performance monopropellant and electric systems. The Comet-1 design is scalable from CubeSats to small microsatellites, with a highly-flexible interface suitable for a wide range of spacecraft sizes.

Comet-1 is the first propulsion offering by DSI on its roadmap to create an ecosystem of safe, robust, and cost-effective propulsion technologies today that can be supplied by space resources in the future. Comet-1 is inert, launch-safe, and also safe for deployment from the International Space Station.


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