The EnduroSat S-band transmitter features high data rates and supports a variety of data interfaces and modulation schemes. The module operates in either commercial (2200 - 2290 MHz) or amateur (2400 - 2450 MHz) frequency band. The commercial band is allocated by the ITU for Space Operation Service (Space-to-Earth), Earth Exploration Satellite Service (EESS, Space-to-Earth) and Space Research Service (Space-to-Earth). The transmitter is designed to work in accordance with the DVB-S2 ETSI EN 302 307 standard. CCSDS is also available.

It has two modes of operation. In Idle mode the internal memory can be accessed to store data and also set all transmission parameters. In Trasmit mode the device sends the data either from the internal memory or from the payload through the LVDS interface to the radio channel. In both modes all tranmission parameters (central frequency, output power, symbol rate) can be changed in real time.

The small overall dimensions of the metallic box combined with the robust HW architecture of the S-Band Transmitter makes it suitable for CubeSat or nanosat LEO missions.

The transmitter is fully compliant with the CubeSat standard.

Key features

  • Spurious Emissions - < -60 dBc
  • Frequency Stability - +/- 1.0 ppm
  • Tx Power - 0.5-2 W (in-flight configurable)
  • Firmware Updates - Local and remote (in-flight) secured application update
  • SD Card Slot - up to 32 GB
  • Wide Power Supply Range - 12-16V
  • Interfaces - UART/RS-485 for control and LVDS for data

Flight heritage

The EnduroSat S-band transmitter has achieved flight heritage.

Testing & qualification

Compliant with the CubeSat standard, DVB-S2 ETSI EN 302 307 standard, and CCSDS.

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Last updated: 2024-02-05

S-Band Transmitter




lead time
4 mo
250 g
95.9 ± 0.1 mm
90.2 ± 0.1 mm
23.3 mm
2200 to 2290 MHz (commercial)
2400 to 2450 MHz (amateur)
RF output power
27 to 33 dBm
power consumption
0.42 W (load mode)
7.2 W (transmit mode at 32 dBm RF output power)
data rate
< 20 Mb/s
baud rate
1 to 5 MBd
28 to 35 dB
operating temperature
-30 to 70 C


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