The EOSOL Antenna Pointing Mechanism (APM) is a 2-axis antenna pointing mechanism for small or flat antennas around 30cm.

The APM system is compact and ready to mount on flat or small reflector antennas.

The antenna pointing mechanism has two pointing axes: azimuth and elevation. They are controlled by stepper motors and encoders for accurate pointing.

The three different modes of operation enable accurate pointing of LEO, MEO, and GEO targets in both static and dynamic operations.

The product is also useful for other applications such as radio links tests and laboratory experiments.


  • Satcom/Telecom
  • Laboratories
  • Satellite tracking
  • Radio links

Key features

  • Pointing via spherical coordinates to a defined direction
  • Pointing via geographic coordinates and tracking of the International Space Station ISS or LEO/MEO orbiting satellites with constant motion
  • Pointing to geostationary (GEO) satellites using their ephemerides
  • Graphical user interface for easy control of the system

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Last updated: 2022-10-31

Antenna Pointing Mechanism (APM)



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