The Exotrail ExoMG™-cluster²-XL is a Hall Effect Thruster (HET) belonging to the ExoMG™-nano product line within the ExoMG™ product family. The ExoMG™-cluster²-XL is dedicated to microsats and minisats, offering a combination of high delta-v and high-thrust capabilities, with high-reliability stemming from a clusterization approach. The ExoMG™-cluster²-XL can give minisats and microsats the ability to perform quick, high delta-v manoeuvres and, hence, leverage the cheaper cost of a ride-share launch in place of an expensive dedicated ride. The ExoMG™-cluster²-XL can be customized to meet specific customer requirements, including multiple form factors.

The ExoMG™-cluster²-XL is composed of two ExoMG™-micro blocks that share the same tank assembly. The Exotrail approach for meeting the performance requirements of larger platforms is through clusterization rather than a higher power monolithic thruster approach. The main advantages of clusterization are as follows:

  • Redundancy: clusterization results in a high level of redundancy at propulsion system level. In case of failure of one block, it is still possible to operate the remaining block. This feature is especially interesting, given the upcoming space debris regulation, which demands higher reliability to ensure collision avoidance and active de-orbiting.
  • Throttleable system: monolithic thrusters provide high-performance in a tight power range. By changing the number of firing thrusters, clusterization allows having a wide performance range, always operating at optimal conditions.
  • AOCS capabilities: clusterization opens several AOCS possibilities at satellite level.

The ExoMG™ product family includes a range of integrated HETs that address the needs of a wide range of platforms, from 6U up to 250 kg. Scalability is at the core of the ExoMG™ propulsion system product family and is a consequence of its modular design.

For more information about the ExoMG™ product family and customization possibilities for specific customer requirements, please have a look at the following representative products:

For general information about the ExoMG™ product family and Exotrail's approach to collaborating with customers to provide customized solutions that meet specific mission need, please view the ExoMG™-custom page.

Key features

  • 2x micro-size thruster heads: tilt is adjustable towards the Center of Mass, AOCS capabilities on two axes, an optimized performance across the throttling scale
  • Tank assembly: a large range of different sizes and form factor available
  • Thruster Control Unit: can be mounted separately from the thruster body
  • Power Bus: several options available

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Last updated: 2022-04-28

ExoMG™-cluster²-XL Hall Effect Thruster



dry mass
8.9 kg
wet mass
21.1 kg
14 mN @ 300 W
total impulse
100 kN s
data interface
lead time2
< 6 mo

1. The system is throttleable, and several other operating points are available.

2. Exotrail can provide complete units in a shorter timeframe (3-4 months) under certain conditions.


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