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Electric propulsion increases performances and reduces launch costs. Our unique proprietary innovations have allowed us to dramatically reduce the size of HETs to have a minimum impact on your mission and on your system. We develop the highest thrust electric propulsion system on the market – thereby dramatically reducing the time needed to do a propulsion mission. And we do that whilst maintaining a high total impulse density to minimize the impact on your system. Our propulsion system has a higher thrust than competing ones. A high thrust means that you can do the same maneuver in less time – thereby allowing you to access revenues quicker.

A Hall Effect Thruster (HET) is a ion thruster in which electrons emitted by a cathode are trapped in a magnetic field, and used to ionize a propellant – thereby creating a plasma into the plasma chamber. The plasma is then accelerated to produce thrust, thanks to an electric field created between the anode and the cathode. The Hall Effect Technology has been used for decades and equips most of the large satellites thrusters, because it combines the high impulse of electric propulsion technology along with a very high thrust-to-power ratio. Due to unique innovations on the plasma chamber, the cathode, and the fluidics system we manage to reduce the size of this technology to fit it in small satellites.


thrust1 mN
total impulsemin: 3 kN s, max: 15 kN s
power40 W



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