The Exotrail ExoOPS™ cloud-based software suite is dedicated to mission design and in-orbit operations. Designed and built in-house, ExoOPS™ provides an object-oriented environment combining all possible space objects with rich flight dynamic algorithms. With the ambition to make space mission simulation and operations easy, ExoOPS™ aims to serve the needs of all space actors and stakeholders and has been developed for use by experts and non-experts.

Available as Software-as-Service (SaaS) within a modular microservices approach, ExoOPS™ is split into two complementary products:

  • ExoOPS™ - Mission Design: ExoOPS™ - Mission Design supports customers in the preliminary phase of designing and building a satellite constellation, from the generation of constellation geometries upon service level requirements, to the definition of the best deployment strategy, up to the simulation of various mission profiles depending on platform subsystem trade-offs.
  • ExoOPS™ - Operations: once customer assets are in orbit, ExoOPS™ - Operations takes the lead and acts as a mission control software, providing a complete range of functionalities to monitor platform status; to prepare and schedule manoeuvres; to automatize recurring operations making constellation operations easy and possible with limited resources.

Key features of the ExoOPS™ software suite include:

  • Modular microservices approach: ExoOPS™ - Mission Design and ExoOPS™ - Operations are composed of modules. Each module covers different simulation and operations needs from the early design phase to scheduled end-of-life for assets. Customers can subscribe to a module package best fitting their needs as well as already deployed tools. ExoOPS™ enables the different teams to collaborate by relying on the same tool that serves as a one-stop-shop mission control centre for mission management or quick trade-offs for your bid management team.
  • User-friendly and easy-to use: accounting for performance requirements and constraints stemming from costs, the ground segment, and the deployment strategy, defining a suitable constellation configuration is complex. Similarly, optimizing a mission profile for a satellite with electric propulsion and limited onboard power, while dimensioning AOCS actuators is sometimes complex and may require multiple tries. ExoOPS™ is designed to give an easy-to-use answer to these problems, through a web-based interface and easily accessible extended support documentation, ExoOPS™ allows customers to tackle this problem with little flight dynamics background.
  • Flexible interface: to ensure high utilization flexibility, ExoOPS™ offers two utilization modes:
    • a web-based intuitive interface suitable to not-experienced or new users;
    • a static API, which allows you to interface ExoOPS™ with other tools and integrate into existing architecture.
  • Low and high-thrust propulsion optimized: Exotrail bases its products on two main areas of expertise, flight dynamics and propulsion systems. ExoOPS™ is designed to closely support customers in the implementation of propulsion onboard their satellite. ExoOPS™ can help perform trade-offs to define the best propulsion type and specification as per mission needs. Then, several possible simulations support integrating the propulsion system in the mission in terms of firing planning and compatibility with the other subsystems. Customers can assess the compatibility of an electric thruster with the spacecraft's solar arrays and batteries, as well as check if the AOCS actuators can offset the strong torques coming from a chemical thruster.
  • Evolving: Three to four releases of ExoOPS™ are issued every year, and, with an active license, customers always have access to the last version. The ExoOPS™ roadmap, built on customer feedback and market trends, defines the new features that are added in each release.

Customers can contact Exotrail for a demo of ExoOPS™. The demo offers a complete view of the software features, and specific details with regards to the customer's envisioned use case.

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Last updated: 2021-08-10

ExoOPS™ Mission Design, Optimisation & Operation Software



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