The Exotrail spacestudio™ is a cloud based, Software as a Service product built to design, simulate, and optimize space missions and constellations.

Conceived and built in-house, spacestudio™ supports customers in the preliminary phase of designing and building a satellite constellation. spacestudio™ can be used to generate constellation geometries based on service level requirements, and to decide the best deployment strategy. It includes a robust simulation core allowing for various mission profiles depending on platform subsystem trade-offs.

Key features

  • Modular approach:
    - spacestudio™ comprises multiple independent modules. Each module focuses on specific simulations and needs, from the early design phase to the scheduled end-of-life for assets. Customers can subscribe to a module package best suited to their needs as well as to already deployed tools.
    - spacestudio™ enables effective collaboration across different teams through the same platform, allowing for quick trade-offs and accelerating workflows.
  • User-friendly and easy to use:
    - Defining a suitable constellation configuration is complex, accounting for performance requirements and constraints stemming from costs, the ground segment, and the deployment strategy. Similarly, optimizing a satellite mission profile with electric propulsion and limited onboard power, while dimensioning AOCS actuators is sometimes complex and may require multiple tries.
    - spacestudio™ is designed to give easy-to-use and understandable answers to these problems. Through a user-friendly, web-based interface and easily accessible extended support documentation, spacestudio™ helps even customers with limited flight dynamic backgrounds to effectively tackle these questions.
  • Flexible interface:
    To ensure high utilization flexibility, spacestudio™ offers two utilization modes
    - a web-based intuitive interface suitable for new or inexperienced users.
    - a static API, which allows users to interface spacestudio™ with other tools and integrates into existing architecture.
  • Low and high-thrust propulsion optimized:
    - Exotrail bases its products on two main areas of expertise, flight dynamics, and propulsion systems. spacestudio™ is designed to closely support customers in the implementation of propulsion onboard their satellite.
    - spacestudio™ can help perform trade-offs to define the best propulsion type and specification as per the mission needs. Then, several possible simulations support integrating the propulsion system in the mission in terms of firing planning and compatibility with the other subsystems. Customers can assess the compatibility of an electric thruster with the spacecraft's solar arrays and batteries, as well as check if the AOCS actuators can offset the strong torques coming from a chemical thruster.
  • Evolving:
    Three to four releases of spacestudio™ are issued every year, and, with an active license, customers always have access to the last version. The spacestudio™ roadmap, built on customer feedback and market trends, defines the new features that are added in each release.
  • Customers can contact Exotrail for a demo of spacestudio™. The demo offers a complete view of the software features, and specific details with regard to the customer's envisioned use case

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Last updated: 2023-01-13

spacestudio™ Mission Design Software



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