Exotrail's spacetower™ product is software designed for streamlining satellite and constellation operations.

Its monitoring, control, and flight dynamics capabilities can greatly enhance the productivity and value of your operations teams. spacetower™ is available as a cloud-based SaaS solution.

It is built on modular components that can be accessed independently from APIs.

Key features

  • Mission Control
    - Book ground station passes thanks to the contact planner and receive telemetry from your satellites. Customize fleet monitoring dashboards to track metrics of interest and trigger alarms. Prepare command sheets and send them to your satellites.
  • Flight dynamics
    - Get accurate positioning information for your satellites and update your knowledge of their modeling with precise orbit determination algorithms.
    - Calculate maneuvers and automatically generate command sheets to send to your satellites.
    - Exotrail's Flight Dynamics System is built on top of Orekit and shares many features with our mission design software spacestudio™
  • Automation
    - Take advantage of Flight Dynamics and Monitoring & Control system integration to perform closed-loop maneuvers. Leverage APIs to automate all your processes, from station keeping to telecommand integrity checks.
  • Constellation operations
    - Monitor and control your entire constellation at a glance. Schedule maneuvers to reconfigure your constellation or keep it on station. Receive messages from third-party SSA providers and automate collision avoidance maneuvers.
  • Modularity and third-party integration
    - Leverage the modular architecture of spacetower™ to integrate third-party Monitoring & Control Systems, Flight Dynamics Systems, or Mission Planning Systems.

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Last updated: 2024-02-05

spacetower™ Operations Software



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