The Flux E18 Inductor Series 1282 is a space-qualified, planar-based series of SMT Inductors. Flux designs and manufactures in accordance with Generic Specification and ESCC Detail Specification 3201/013, as applicable to offered quality levels. ESA Certified Trainer certifies all operators.

Upon request, Flux performs additional services such as individual Qualification, LOT Validation, X-Ray, Partial Discharge etc. ESCC Qualified Parts do not require other services than ESCC Inspection.

Key benefits of the Flux E18 Inductor Series 1282 include:

  • Space qualified component
  • Small footprint
  • Low weight
  • Surface Mounted
  • Frequency up to 1MHz
  • Current rating: 0.9 - 10 ARMS
  • ±20-40% inductance at rated current

The applicable quality levels are:

  • M: MIL/HiRel
  • B: Flight models, LAT optional
  • C: ESCC Qualified
  • S: Critical FM, MIL-STD-981 (Group A Screening, Group B Test mandatory)

Flux can provide custom solutions that meet customer requirements.

Applications of the Flux E18 Inductor Series 1282 include:

  • Signal filtering
  • Converter inductor



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Last updated: 2022-02-16

E18 Inductor Series 1282



11.5 g
box volume
3838 mm3


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