Our company is a spin-off from the TU Berlin. Being one of the most renowned addresses in Europe when it comes to satellite technology, the TU Berlin has successfully launched 10 satellites. Following the design philosophy and using the component base from these projects allows us to provide reliable and robust solutions for small satellites at a market transforming price. Our battery pack is a lightweight and costsaving solution for small satellites. It is fully compatible with our CubeSat structures and every small satellite using the PC-104 standard. It already has flight heritage from multiple missions and has proven itself as a reliable power supply during these missions.

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Last updated: 2018-04-06

CubeSat Battery Pack


175 g, null, null
discharge current
5 A, null, null
battery pack voltage
3.7 V, null, null
91 mm, null, null
19 mm, null, null
2 yr, null, null
mechanical vibration
8 Grms, null, null
battery capacity
5.2 Ah, null, null
battery cells
2x2 , null, null
operating temperature
-40 — 80 C, null, null
96 mm, null, null




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