GS-IMU3000TA employs the latest closed-loop Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) and Quartz Pendulous Accelerometer technology, resulting in superior performance, reliability, and stability over time. It is designed to operate as an IMU or navigator and provides lower noise and greater stability than competing IMUs. GS-IMU3000TA offers ease of integration for designers of higher-level inertial navigation, guidance, or stabilization systems by high customizable housing, performances and interfaces. The robust design of the IMU3000TA ensures reliable and highly-accurate performance, while GranStal's proven fiber optic technology and solid state design provide long life and dependable, consistent operation. The IMU3000TA is GranStal's premier inertial measurement unit developed specifically to meet the needs of the most challenging applications and operating environments.

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Last updated: 2022-08-25

GS-IMU3000TA Fiber Optic Gyroscopes Inertial Measurement Unit



lead time
1.5 mo
1.9 kg / 4.12 lbs
126 mm
122 mm
130 mm
power consumption
< 12 W
input voltage
12 to 36 V DC
operating temperature
-45 to 60 C
storage temperature
-55 to 70 C
baud rate
460800 bps
> 200 Hz
data interface


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