The GranStal GS-JBF-3T is a quartz-based servo accelerometer designed for tactical grade performance with robust, reliable and ruggedized design. The miniaturised system is designed to be resistive of high temperature, high shock and vibration.

The system is customized for the requirements of defence, aerospace, industrial and civil engineering applications.

Key features

  • Bias one year composite repeatability <1,000 m g
  • Input range ±60G
  • Miniaturised design
  • Analogue current output
  • Three fastener precision mounting flange
  • Internal temperature sensor for thermal compensation
  • Dual built-in self-test

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Last updated: 2021-11-05

GS-JBF-3T - Tactical Grade Quartz Accelerometer



< 25 g
18.2 mm
19 mm
input voltage
±12 to ±18 V DC
input current
< 20 mA
power consumption
≤ 480 mW @ ±15 VDC
> 300 Hz
mechanical shock
40 g (11 ms in each orthogonal axis)
120 g (4 ms, 1/2 sin)
operating temperature
-55 to 95 C
lead time
3 to 4 wk


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