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GranStal Solutions is a custom heat sink manufacturer using vapor chamber technology. GranStal Solutions outsources the vapor chambers with strategic long-term partners for products sold through our distribution channels as well as custom parts for OEM manufacturers.

The GS-VC series vapor chamber are made by aluminum substrate and titanium alloy. Advanced Cooling Technologies' performance achievable: Apply a power of 10~30W to the 40% of the area in the center of the isothermal zone, the temperature difference in the isothermal zone is within 3 degrees.

The reduction in size and its compact design will lead to cheaper satellites and launches for the aerospace industry.

The general advantages of vapor chambers over heat pipes include: Vapor chambers usually are in direct contact with the heat source, decreasing total thermal resistance and improving performance. Heat pipes, especially round ones, require a mounting plate between the heat source and the pipes.

Due to their large, continuous surface area, vapor chamber solutions allow better isothermalization at the chip interface, reducing hot spots. They can be extended beyond the width of the heat source, allowing further performance benefits versus their heat pipe counterparts. These two factors combine to allow vapor chamber solutions to outperform heat pipe solutions by 15-30%. Depending on the application, this typically translates to between 3-10 oC improvement in overall heat sink delta-T.

Key features

  • Customer Required Mounting Features
  • Coatings/Platings per request
  • Multiple Standoff Heights/Lightweight
  • Fully embedded into minimum thickness of 0.059′′ (1.5mm)
  • Thermal Conductivity >4800 W/m-K (Up to 6,000 W/m-K)

    With many nations joining the race of sending satellites out to space, vapor chamber keep spacecraft cool and stabilise inside temperature, as thermal uniformity is critical for orbiting satellites under adverse solar heating.

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Last updated: 2022-08-23



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