NanoCom AX100


The NanoCom AX100 (AX100) is a half-duplex software configurable radio transceiver specifically designed for long-range transmissions. The combination of forward error correction, AFC and digital filters results in a high sensitivity system, without sacrificing flexibility. The radio module supports full on-orbit reconfiguration of the frequency, bitrate, filter-bandwidth, and modulation type. Smart CSMA/CA (listen before talk) medium access control combined with a small RX/TX switching duration gives a short satellite ping time, thus effectively removing the need for fullduplex radios, even for high volume data download. In turn this simplifies satellite design, because only a single antenna is required. The integrated design of microcontroller, transmitter, receiver, LNA and power amplifier results in a small PCB module that fits up to four times onto a CubeSat PCB. Multiple hardware components are reused from the NanoCom U482C, including the PA, DC-DC converter, RX/TX switch, microcontroller, oscillators, and RAM memory.


data ratemin: 0.1 kb/s, max: 115.2 kb/s
transmit powermin: 24 dBm, max: 30 dBm
operating temperaturemin: -30 C, max: 85 C
length65 mm
width40 mm
height6.5 mm
mass24.5 g
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Last updated: 2018-04-26