Ibeos offers energy storage solutions with a design life that exceeds other Smallsat and Cubesat products on the market today. Ibeos' products are designed with overvoltage, undervoltage, and overcurrent protections. The company's acceptance and qualification testing includes cell capacity matching, temperature testing, and life testing to ensure their products are built to the highest standards.

Ibeos' 45-Watt-hour, 14-Volt lithium-ion battery module (in production) is a radiation tolerant, fault tolerant, and ISS compliant energy storage system. The aluminum and PEEK packaging is rigid, thermally conductive, and enables flexible mechanical and thermal spacecraft interfacing. A thermistor and polyimide thermofoil heater allow for thermal control. Radiation tolerant battery interface electronics (BIE) provide a remove-before-flight inhibit in addition to over-voltage, over-current, and under-voltage protection. The chassis design enables mechanical integration with a second module to achieve a 90-Watt-hour capacity. The individually protected/inhibited battery modules can be connected in parallel to achieve a desired capacity and charge/discharge current. This battery module is designed for turn-key integration with the Ibeos 150-Watt CubeSat EPS.

The key features of this battery solution include:

  • 45-Watt-hour modular lithium-ion battery; can be packaged in pairs to create 90 Watt-hour modules
  • Radiation tolerant under/over-voltage and over-current protection
  • Low power inhibit interface allows long term storage and passivation for pre-deployment
  • ISS-compliant
  • Integrated heater and thermistor

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Last updated: 2021-02-18

14V / 45 or 90 Whr Modular Smallsat Battery


  • CAD model(2.07 MB)
  • Datasheet(453.1 KB)
  • ICD(159.41 KB)
  • Option sheet
  • User manual(723.23 KB)


< 375 g
94.5 mm
84.1 mm
23.1 mm
operating cell temperature
40 — 10 C
heater power @16V
8 W
13.2 — 16.8 V
battery capacity
45 Wh
maximum discharge rate
6.5 A
recommended charge rate
1.6 A
total ionizing dose
30 kRad (Si)

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