Ibeos provides bus and payload computing solutions suitable for all types of space environments. The company's radiation tolerant EDGE payload processors provide on-board processing power that ranges from 300 GFLOPS to >1 TFLOPS. Ibeos' assemblies provide a mix of serial interfaces for communicating with bus and payload assemblies. Custom configurations are also available.

Ibeos' EDGE Payload Processor is a radiation-tolerant, high-performance, and flexible platform capable of order-of-magnitude processing improvements over state-of-the-art spacecraft computers. The EDGE's architecture is built around highly parallelizable graphics processing unit (GPU) technology. The card provides a 192-core GPU as its primary compute engine, within a radiation-tolerant architecture, providing on-orbit computational throughput that is unrivaled at the EDGE's size, weight, and power. The EDGE enables a new generation of highly capable and affordable on-orbit processing in a package suitable for most spacecraft.

Potential mission applications using EDGE payload processors include:

  • Image manipulation, comparison, acquisition, and processing
  • RF signal processing
  • Computer vision for proximity and remote docking ops
  • Software defined radio and channelizing
  • Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data processing
  • Data packetization and compression

The EDGE-X card is a customizable 3U expansion card for easy integration into a 3U SpaceVPX chassis and its processing architecture. The 3U expansion card enables a selection of additional high-speed data interfaces to the backplane, broken out through a radiation-tolerant FPGA. Fully customized EDGE-X carrier cards are available upon request.

This product is available internationally, free of ITAR export controls.

Ibeos' EDGE Processor is also available in a 1U form factor to be easily used in a CubeSat architecture.

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Last updated: 2021-09-09

EDGE-X Payload Processor


  • CAD model(7.89 MB)
  • Datasheet(536.19 KB)
  • ICD(489.74 KB)
  • Option sheet
  • User manual


400 g
typ. operating power
< 25 W
input voltage
< 5.0 V
max clock speed
2 GHz
comp. throughput
> 300 GFLOPS
flash memory
processor type
192 CUDA GPU cores
quad-core ARM CPU (configurable for low power applications)
data interface
10 Gigabit Ethernet
4x PCIe
2x SpaceWire
operating temperature
-40 to 105 C
radiation tolerance
30 kRad (Si)


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