The S-Band Transceiver (SBTRcvr) for microsat platform performs the typical on board telemetry and command functions. It is composed of two different functional sections, receiver and transmitter, and it is based onto a well consolidated analogue architecture. Three trays, or module, stacked in vertical direction house the unit electronics: Receiver Transmitter Reference oscillator and Interface In term of used technologies the SBTRcvr is based on robust and standard surface mount device (SMD) manufacturing approach and high reliable FR4 and Polyammide Printed Circuit Board. The selection of COTS devices has been made in order to have reduced sensitivity to radiation. A radiation hardness level of 10 krad has been considered as design parameter. The modular design allows to derive from the basic design a line of COTS-based products for LEO missions as transmitter for high data rate transmission and command receiver for various modulation formats and frequency bandwidths.

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Last updated: 2018-04-12

S-Band Transceiver


< 1 kg
-12 — 12 V
2025 — 2150 MHz, 2200 — 2300 MHz
110 mm
65 mm
transmit power
1 — 5 W
radiation tolerance
< 20 krad
> 3 yr
frequency stability
20 ppm
6 W, 12 W
operating temperature
-20 — 60 C
150 mm




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