ISIS TXS S-Band Transmitter


The ISIS High Data-rate S-band Transmitter is a CubeSat compatible Transmitter designed to meet the needs of high data-rate downlinks of up to 3.4 Mbps (information bit-rate at CCSDS transfer frame level). The transmitter can be used for both TT&C or PDT downlinks. The S-band transmitter is as robust as it is flexible, implementing CCSDS as datalink layer protocol and allowing in-flight configuration of data-rate and RF output power.


frequencymin: 2200 MHz, max: 2290 MHz
transmit powermin: 27 dBm, max: 33 dBm
data rate3.4 Mb/s
length90 mm
width96 mm
height33 mm
mass< 300 g
voltagemin: 6.5 V, max: 20 V
power9.2 W
operating temperaturemin: -40 C, max: 60 C
rf output impedance50 Ohms
full datasheet


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Last updated: 2018-04-10