The Slink transceiver system provides a huge payload data downlink for micro, nano or pico satellite applications and the benefit of an additional data uplink for telecommand.

It is designed as a highly integrated S Band transceiver system with outstanding technical performance and versatile configuration options. The radio system can be adjusted in a frequency band between 2.200 and 2.290 GHz for downlink (Sat2Ground) and between 2.025 and 2.110 GHz for uplink communication links (Ground2Sat), e.g. for telecommand purposes.An adaptation for various data rate requirements is possible.

Slink provides the physical layer (RF link) in an Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI). It is fully transparent to higher layer protocols and is alternatively realized specifically or according to CCSDS recommendations. For this reason, standard satellite ground station transceiver equipment can be used for bidirectional radio communication with the satellite.

For customer specific applications, a correspondent transceiver ground station equipment is available. The payload and TM/TC data are provided transparently as UDP data via Ethernet 100/10BaseT interface.

  • Fully featured and transparent bidirectional
  • S band transceiver
  • ISL Mode available
  • Flight grade tested design
  • Compact case and low power consumption
  • Extra flat patch antenna design matched to customer specific requirements
  • Low cost COTS design
  • Short delivery time

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Last updated: 2019-08-09



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