Oasis is a single-board, CubeSat PC-104 compatible electrical ground support equipment that serves as an interface between the PC-running satellite systems simulators and the hardware engineering model. It enables the running of a complete flight version of on-board computer software on actual hardware before the subsystems are physically present.

Safety is crucial while developing space missions. Thanks to Oasis, it is possible to integrate and validate the work of satellite subsystems before launch and guarantee their smooth operation in orbit. Testing a mocked-up satellite and continuous integration at the initial stage of the mission development is crucial to ensure faster spacecraft integration – saving time and money.

Oasis is part of the Smart Mission Ecosystem – hardware, software and AI-powered algorithms.

Oasis can be setup with other KP Labs’ subsystems – Antelope OBC and Oryx OBCS:

  • Oryx is a modular flight software tool developed for the mission control of small satellites allowing the creation of OBC software using existing or customized blocks.
  • Antelope is the combination of an on-board computer and data processing unit (160 GOPS).

The development platform is based on C++17 and open-source, cross-platform tools like CMake, GCC and Python.

The following subsystems are currently supported off-the-shelf:

  • Leopard DPU by KP Labs
  • Antelope OBC by KP Labs
  • Kryten M3 by AAC Clyde Space
  • EPS (STARBUCK) + Batteries by AAC Clyde Space
  • ADCS by AAC Clyde Space
  • UHF Transceiver by CPUT
  • IMTQ by ISIS
  • ANT module by ISIS
  • uCam III camera module by 4D Systems
  • Q20 HD GPS by QinetiQ and all NMEA-based receivers
  • EWC27-SRX X/S Transceiver by Syrlinks

It is possible to add support for any subsystem using supported physical interfaces.

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Last updated: 2023-11-18

Oasis - Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) for satellite testing



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