The Magellan Power Control Unit (PCU) plays a key role in the spacecraft bus as the interface between the Solar Array, the Battery and the Spacecraft power bus. During sunlit periods, the PCU directs solar power into the batteries using Direct Energy Transfer (DET). In parallel, the PCU transfers power from the batteries to the spacecraft bus while providing continuous telemetry on the health of the power bus. The PCU can be scaled to the mission requirements. Anything from a 100W single string spacecraft through a 10kW, fully redundant architecture can be accommodated by the PCU. Card complement includes switch cards that include both high-side and low-side current limiting switches that can be configured as h-bridges. Pyrotechnic and propulsion cards that utilize an arm, enable, fire architecture on multiple fixed and variable timed switches. Solar array and battery cards that control energy transfer and power monitoring on the 28 +/-6V power supply.

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Last updated: 2020-04-25

Magellan Power Control Unit



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