We developed the technology of the propulsion system during many years of research at the Institute of Aerospace Engineering of TU Dresden. At its core lies the FEEP technology specially developed for miniaturized applications using the low-melting metallic gallium propellant, as well as a chip-based neutralizer with the corresponding supply and control electronics. All of the system’s components are optimized to deliver the best propulsion performance for the least amount of space, mass and necessary electrical power, which are the most valuable commodities on board of a nanosatellite. Due to the system’s plugand-play nature the integration into a satellite platform is easy and highly customizable in order to fulfill the propulsion requirements of almost all low Earth orbit missions.


specific impulsemin: 3000 s, max: 8500 s
total impulse< 3400 N s
mass160 g
maximum thrust40 µN
dynamic thrust rangemin: 1 µN, max: 20 µN
powermin: 0.2 W, max: 3 W
length90 mm
width25 mm
height43 mm



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