NanoAvionics Magnetorquers MTQ3X are a set of two (X and Y-axis) magnetorquer rods and one air core Z-axis magnetorquer coil which are mounted on a PC/104 form factor PCB to enable nanosatellite attitude control. The system is designed as a part of NanoAvionics 'SatBus' nanosatellite platform but can be used with any third party ADCS controllers that can provide 3 H-bridge PWM controlled voltage outputs to each torquer coil.

The main features include:

  • 2 magnetorquer rods with soft magnetic cores and 1 air torquer coil
  • Suitable for CubeSat detumbling & magnetic attitude control
  • Compatible with PC/104 form factor and most CubeSat structures
  • 3 separate 1.5 mm pitch PicoLockTM connectors for power input to each axis (connectors can be customized if required)
  • PCB: Gold plated FR-4 (IPC-6012B)
  • IPC – A600H class 3 assembly, soldering per ESA specification ECSS-Q-70-08
  • Custom options available

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Last updated: 2021-04-22

Magnetorquers MTQ3X



205 g
operating temperature
-40 to 85 C
storage temperature
-50 to 125 C
3.3 V
power consumption3
0.4 W

1. ±1%

2. typical (up to 5V)

3. typical, approximate


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