The NanoAvionics Propulsion System EPSS C1.5 is a monopropellant propulsion system with a modular design and ADN-based green propellant. The system is designed for small satellites with a compatibility to CubeSats.

The scalability can be achieved through adjusting the tank volume to accommodate different quantity of propellant. Components such as valves, fuel tanks, propellant management system, and high-performance thrusters were designed, manufactured and supplied by NanoAvionics’ partners.


  • Constellation deployment and formation flights
  • Drag compensation and orbit maintenance
  • Orbital maneuvering, including Hohmann transfer
  • Synchronization and positioning of communication equipment and payload instruments
  • De-orbiting at the end of the mission and other functions

Key features

  • ADN-based monopropellant
  • Modular in design
  • High thrust-to-volume-to-weight ratio at very low power budget
  • Safety features
    • Thruster catalyst heater protections
    • Propellant tank temperature control protections
    • Solenoid valve protections
    • Firing-state protections

Flight heritage

The system has achieved flight heritage. The operation and functionality of the system were tested and validated during orbital flight on-board the LituanicaSAT-2, 3U CubeSat as part of the QB50 project on 5th of July, 2017.

This was followed with a successful M6P mission in 2019 as well as multiple component- to system-level qualification campaigns resulting in a flight-qualified and flight-ready system with already existent flight heritage.

Additionally, two EPSS C2 propulsion systems and one EPSS C3 system have been recently flight-accepted for the missions to be launched in approximately 2 years.

Testing & qualification

Standard EPSS configurations are qualified (environmentally and functionally tested) according to ECSS standards to be immediately ready for mission integration.

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Last updated: 2022-06-06

Propulsion System EPSS C1.5



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